Montag, 2. Mai 2011
Hi everyone! The past weekend was really hectic, so please pardon me for the lack of updates :( Soooo to compensate for that here are some belated pictures from Saturday, and a tune that's been stuck in my head for days; Miami by Foals. I love how much Philippakis's (the vocalist) voice resembles Robert Smith's, but with an entirely different vibe. Unfortunately the megarandomyetcaptivating official video wasn't embeddedable (is that even a word?), but you can find it here. Check it out. I recommend you do. Srsly.

I spent the entire Saturday not being home, finishing some errands for the newly-formed yogyakartan divison of Indonesian Future Leaders (IFL). I'll divulge more on that later, and we also have a website coming up, but in the mean time feel free to check out our twittah!

Some of the guys and I did a short interview at Geronimo (106.1 FM!) in the afternoon, you know, spreading the message and love out and what not. Being on air is pretty nerve-wrecking yet fun nonetheless, as long as you've mastered the trick of not letting too much silence/awkwardness pass (which we obviously haven't :3). The people there were rrreeally nice (they even gave us ice cream as it was on of the crew's birthday), and we had a blast.

Our chieftain Addin:

In the evening I met up with buddies at Seturan's Coffee Toffee, as a friend of ours, Ixan, who's been away in Jakarta because of his studies finally came back to Jogja for a little holiday. Just like the old times, we had a blast. I've really missed them, boohoo :< Between university for them and senior year at high school for me, there's not really much time for us to catch up with each other. The place is real cozy and the coffee was nice (actually I wouldn't really know as I'm no coffee connoisseur and had my last real coffee order a gazillion years ago and this one made me sorta hyper for hours afterwards and stay up till 2 in the morning). But yes, it was nice.

We've planned on watching something at Moviebox after, but the place was already full so we just chatted and kid around at Coffee Toffee until it was 9 PM or something and then headed to Tio Ciu for some yummy Chinese food. I hadn't eaten since 7 o'clock in the morning, thus I was on the verge of DYING. If you're planning on going there try the Kwie Tiaw Siram. It's Uh-mazing. Seriously. No words otherwise can really explain the degree of awesomeness that the dish posses.

I had such a great time that even though I had a camera with me I didn't even thought of taking a single pic XD But here's my drab for the evening:
Nothing special, really, I wasn't really in the mood to dress up. But hello, thanks to the chilly weather, my knitted-shawl finally made it's world debut!
Till next time :)
Dienstag, 26. April 2011

Morgen :)

Bouquet of flowers bf gave me for our forth anniversary ♥ I love you Trio.

I've been busying myself up with knitting lately. It's so unbelievably addicting. My hands can't bear being idle for too long, and I find myself constantly itching to grab my knitting kit and work away at my latest project; a beret hat. I'll post pictures of it when I'm done :)

The yarn I'm using for the beret:

My previous (and first evaa) project
My aunt, mom, and I went last week to Poyeng, a local knit shop here in Jogja to grab ourselves some yarn and supplies. No pics of the place, unfortunately, as I was too excited squealing at every other thing and grabbing stuff with greedy hands as to take any. But the place itself was very cozy, and the staff are nice and helpful. They even offer free knitting lessons! Here's the shop's website if anyone's interested in paying a visit: Poyeng Hobby Knit Shop

I bought the green one, plus some cabling needle to try and learn cabling once I'm finished with my beret. There are loads of dreamy cabled caps and socks out there, waiting for me to knit them all once I've mastered the technique :D

EEEP! My mom found this beautiful multi-coloured local yarn. It's amazing! It's rather bulky so we had to get a pair size 6 or 7 needle alongside it. I normaly dont like bulky stuff, but even I cant resist it's charm! My mom's making a scarf out of it, but I'm dreaming of cardigans and sweaters already, hmmm....

I've just realized how hot(ter) it's gotten lately. Can it be that summer's finally here? (well, maybe not summer, as it's summer ALL THE TIME here in tropical Indonesia -insert sound of things boiling and crackling by the heat-. Perhaps dry season would be a more appropriate term). I'm constantly craving for cool drinks and ice cream.

Went for a swim with friends on Monday afternoon. My fav (only) sport. It rained whilst we were swimming, which was fun, until we heard thunder grumbling away at a distance and I had to get out after only an hour. BOO :(

Attire prior and post-swimming

lace on blouse details

Montag, 25. April 2011
Sunday Mor
Tis the first Sunday of the holiday! Me and my schoolmates decided to try and be productive, so we went to an event that's widely known to fellow Yogyakartans as SunMor, aka, Sunday Morning.

Every Sunday morning (hence the name), people from all around Jogja would flock to Gajah Mada University. Tents and stalls are put up and packed to the brim with stuff for sale: clothes, souvenirs, food, bags, accessories, you name it. People can jog around the complex, enjoying the crisp morning air, browse around for goods, grab a bite to eat, or just have a nice stroll with family and friends.

We decided to meet up at the university's mosque at 7 am, walk around for a bit, and then eat. But Hanif (a friend of mine) and I felt sooooo famished that we persuaded the group to find breakfast first before commencing any further strenuous tasks. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, after all :3

I've only been to SunMor a couple of times before, and I was surprised of how crowded it was there! It took as quite a while to find a nice place to eat, but we settled for a stall that sells chicken porridge, chicken opor, and lontong babat. Most of the food vendors here use lesehan; customers would sit on a mat-covered floor, and eat off a low table.

The food was nice, but we had to wait for almost an hour to have our order delivered. I think the lady lost our ordering-paper or something. I had a lontong iga. Umh, well, two actually XD Gosh, I can chug down food pretty scarily when I'm hungry :x

The cool thing about SunMor is that you're never short of entertainment here. All around the place, you can find lots of people singing and playing instruments to earn money for themselves or in an effort to raise fund for a certain cause or event. Some are actually pretty good. There are some drag-queens here as well, and I like them the best, as they're usually always in good spirits, and they dress fun! But maybe that's just me. My friend Ahe was kinda traumatized after he was caressed/poked (gee, what's the english for di-colek?) by a drag XD

After stuffing ourselves, no one was really for a stroll, and it was getting pretty hot, so we just sat down on the grass and chatted and joked around. Productivity phail :3

Ikrom's signature pedobear smile

What I wore

glittery pink sweater-thrifted// plaited grey skirt// polkadot tights-H&M// dirty white shoes //necklace-souvenir from a museum in Singapore//

I hoard tights, thus ladders and runs are one of my biggest nightmares. Once damage is done, all I can do is line the hole with clear nail polish to prevent further ripping :[
Sonntag, 24. April 2011
School's out, the marathon of exams have come to and end, freedom is in the air! Although some of my friends are still on edge for they still will be having their uni-admittance tests in a month or so, I'm lucky to already have that done with prior the national exams. In three months' time I'll be attending an international law program in a university here in Yogyakarta, and up until then I have loads and loads of freetime. YAY!

After a year of online abstinence, watch out internet-world, it's now safe to say that I'm finally back!
Sonntag, 27. Juni 2010

Hi everyone! Im reaaal sorry that I havent updated munch since my last post, you could say that life got in the way :x haha but seriously, it´s crazy here atm. My exchange year is almost to and end, and everything has suddendly became hectic-er!

We had an AFS meet-up today, and my hostmum and I went to pluck strawberries to bring along. We took home five bowls! We´re allowed to eat the berries in the field for free, only the amount we take back home would be counted, so I was like: munch munch pluck munch munch pluck munch munch. No wonder it took us a while xD

A recap of what I did these last few weeks:

-did exams (in every single one of my subject except Chemistry), and received the results.

-went to Hannover again, stayed in a farm, whose owner is a frend of my hostfamily. got to ride a tractor as my brother drove, and learnt how hay is made. Met my lovely Vero, who lives not too far away from Hannover, spent a warm, sunny day in town chatting, strolling the streets, and laying back in Hannover´s pretty parks.

-went to Stuttgart and met my Jo and Michelle, went to sleep at 4 in the morning and got up at 8, so we could go to town as early as possible. It was so much fun, I miss those girls :( IM VISITING YOU GUYS IN HONGKONG AND BOLIVIA!

-went to Bonn for a day and went to das Haus der Geschichte, a terrific history museum about Germany.

-went out almost every night, panickly trying to spend as much time as possible with friends whom I´ll leave in a matter of weeks :(

-had picnics along the river, and lost my winter paleness :(

- went to AFS´s end of stay camp

- wrote a 5-paged essay in German for my scholarship.

-Picked out souvenirs

-TRIED to clean up my room and slowly pack my things, threw away a huge bundle of paper that I cant possibly take home.

I´ll be presenting two presentasions about Indonesia next week, so I dont really have a lot of time to write D: But as some kind of update, Ill post what I´ve bought in the last weeks :P

dress from H&M - 10 euros

yellow strechy skirt from H&M- 3 euros
grey tights - 4 euros

floral skirt from h&m -10 euros

Patent pumps from New Yorker - 25 euros

floral dress from the fleamarket - 4 euros

plead skirt from fleamarket - 50 cents

brown leather belt, Marc O´Polo, from fleamarkt - 4 euros

white lace top from fleamarkt - 1,50 euros

cloth bag from fleamarket- 1 euro

..and tights with seams on the back -4 euros
.....aaaand stockings with lace bands - 6 euros

I loooove fleamarkets! You could really get the prettiest things for just a couple of euros. Shame that we only have them once a month, and only in spring and summer! I went yesterday with a couple of friends, we stayed 3 HOURS there, because there is just so much to see! In the end we bought so much stuff, including a lovely huge horse statue for 10 euros :D I kinda went bazooka myself, considering that was the last fleamarkt in Germany in this year for me. I regret not buying a pretty, gold snake bracelet which was sold for 5 euros. It was perfect, I´ve been looking for snake stuff for a while now, but I forgot to get some money from the bank beforehand and didnt had enough to buy it D: Oh well, life goes on xD

See you next time folks, wish me luck for my presentasion!