Sonntag, 27. Juni 2010

Hi everyone! Im reaaal sorry that I havent updated munch since my last post, you could say that life got in the way :x haha but seriously, it´s crazy here atm. My exchange year is almost to and end, and everything has suddendly became hectic-er!

We had an AFS meet-up today, and my hostmum and I went to pluck strawberries to bring along. We took home five bowls! We´re allowed to eat the berries in the field for free, only the amount we take back home would be counted, so I was like: munch munch pluck munch munch pluck munch munch. No wonder it took us a while xD

A recap of what I did these last few weeks:

-did exams (in every single one of my subject except Chemistry), and received the results.

-went to Hannover again, stayed in a farm, whose owner is a frend of my hostfamily. got to ride a tractor as my brother drove, and learnt how hay is made. Met my lovely Vero, who lives not too far away from Hannover, spent a warm, sunny day in town chatting, strolling the streets, and laying back in Hannover´s pretty parks.

-went to Stuttgart and met my Jo and Michelle, went to sleep at 4 in the morning and got up at 8, so we could go to town as early as possible. It was so much fun, I miss those girls :( IM VISITING YOU GUYS IN HONGKONG AND BOLIVIA!

-went to Bonn for a day and went to das Haus der Geschichte, a terrific history museum about Germany.

-went out almost every night, panickly trying to spend as much time as possible with friends whom I´ll leave in a matter of weeks :(

-had picnics along the river, and lost my winter paleness :(

- went to AFS´s end of stay camp

- wrote a 5-paged essay in German for my scholarship.

-Picked out souvenirs

-TRIED to clean up my room and slowly pack my things, threw away a huge bundle of paper that I cant possibly take home.

I´ll be presenting two presentasions about Indonesia next week, so I dont really have a lot of time to write D: But as some kind of update, Ill post what I´ve bought in the last weeks :P

dress from H&M - 10 euros

yellow strechy skirt from H&M- 3 euros
grey tights - 4 euros

floral skirt from h&m -10 euros

Patent pumps from New Yorker - 25 euros

floral dress from the fleamarket - 4 euros

plead skirt from fleamarket - 50 cents

brown leather belt, Marc O´Polo, from fleamarkt - 4 euros

white lace top from fleamarkt - 1,50 euros

cloth bag from fleamarket- 1 euro

..and tights with seams on the back -4 euros
.....aaaand stockings with lace bands - 6 euros

I loooove fleamarkets! You could really get the prettiest things for just a couple of euros. Shame that we only have them once a month, and only in spring and summer! I went yesterday with a couple of friends, we stayed 3 HOURS there, because there is just so much to see! In the end we bought so much stuff, including a lovely huge horse statue for 10 euros :D I kinda went bazooka myself, considering that was the last fleamarkt in Germany in this year for me. I regret not buying a pretty, gold snake bracelet which was sold for 5 euros. It was perfect, I´ve been looking for snake stuff for a while now, but I forgot to get some money from the bank beforehand and didnt had enough to buy it D: Oh well, life goes on xD

See you next time folks, wish me luck for my presentasion!
hey, thanks for visiting my blog :)
Glitters is at ITC Mangga Dua, Jakarta hehe
lovin' your H&M dress!

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