Dienstag, 26. April 2011

Morgen :)

Bouquet of flowers bf gave me for our forth anniversary ♥ I love you Trio.

I've been busying myself up with knitting lately. It's so unbelievably addicting. My hands can't bear being idle for too long, and I find myself constantly itching to grab my knitting kit and work away at my latest project; a beret hat. I'll post pictures of it when I'm done :)

The yarn I'm using for the beret:

My previous (and first evaa) project
My aunt, mom, and I went last week to Poyeng, a local knit shop here in Jogja to grab ourselves some yarn and supplies. No pics of the place, unfortunately, as I was too excited squealing at every other thing and grabbing stuff with greedy hands as to take any. But the place itself was very cozy, and the staff are nice and helpful. They even offer free knitting lessons! Here's the shop's website if anyone's interested in paying a visit: Poyeng Hobby Knit Shop

I bought the green one, plus some cabling needle to try and learn cabling once I'm finished with my beret. There are loads of dreamy cabled caps and socks out there, waiting for me to knit them all once I've mastered the technique :D

EEEP! My mom found this beautiful multi-coloured local yarn. It's amazing! It's rather bulky so we had to get a pair size 6 or 7 needle alongside it. I normaly dont like bulky stuff, but even I cant resist it's charm! My mom's making a scarf out of it, but I'm dreaming of cardigans and sweaters already, hmmm....

I've just realized how hot(ter) it's gotten lately. Can it be that summer's finally here? (well, maybe not summer, as it's summer ALL THE TIME here in tropical Indonesia -insert sound of things boiling and crackling by the heat-. Perhaps dry season would be a more appropriate term). I'm constantly craving for cool drinks and ice cream.

Went for a swim with friends on Monday afternoon. My fav (only) sport. It rained whilst we were swimming, which was fun, until we heard thunder grumbling away at a distance and I had to get out after only an hour. BOO :(

Attire prior and post-swimming

lace on blouse details

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hai Kania,,makasiy dah main ke ammi&abi,,sering2 main ya ;D
waaw kmu suka kniting ya..? hebat,,aku udah angkat tangan klo disuruh kniting..hehe..

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